The program of the Rice Seminars is designed to encourage interdisciplinary teaching and research and to facilitate new research communities at Rice and beyond. The Seminar will bring together a select group of Rice faculty members, four visiting scholars, and Rice graduate students to study a common theme, in this case, the practices and notions of Forgery and the Ancient, from several disciplinary perspectives. 

The program of the Seminar year is centered on free time for the visiting scholars to perform research and meet in bi-monthly workshops.   Over the spring and summer of 2017, the eight seminar participants, along with the HRC staff, will work together to create a robust itinerary of guest specialists for the Seminar year.  Each guests will be in residence for a week to present a lecture to the Rice community and participate in one of the bi-monthly workshops.  

The most visible goal of the seminars is a major conference and a scholarly publication, to which all participants will contribute. Equally important but less visible is the creation of international and interdisciplinary scholarly communities that will outlive the seminar.  Primary obligations include active participation in all aspects of the Rice Seminar, developing or continuing individual or collaborative research projects, and giving a presentation to colleagues at Rice. Fellows will also design and teach (or co-teach) two semester-long undergraduate courses.