Museums and Cultural Heritage Minor

Have you ever been interested in what goes on behind the scenes at museums?  Why people destroy and loot cultural heritage sites and why that affects the public so much?  How and why we preserve heritage sites like historical buildings and towns? Or why debates over the provenance and even existence of historical artifacts are so heated and sometimes violent?

Rice has just approved a new interdisciplinary minor in Museums and Cultural Heritage, with new and established courses in several departments, to explore these issues and introduce students to the world of museum and heritage. For Fall 2017, the courses offered include the Core/Introductory course on Museums and Heritage (ANTH 341); electives on subjects such as forgery, cinema, museology and archeology; and practica courses that place advanced students at local museums and other heritage sites.

The interdisciplinary minor in Museums and Cultural Heritage minor incorporates the fields of religion, architecture, anthropology, art, history, and cultural studies to study the identification, preservation, and/or (re-)presentation of heritage materials. Such materials often serve as the evidentiary basis for humanistic, architectural, and social science disciplines. Students will learn about the preservation and use of tangible and intangible cultural heritage for study, archival purposes, and public display through the study of cultural heritage institutions, new digital analysis tools and media, and traditional methods of preservation and analysis.

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