Each year, the HRC strives to advance teaching and research opportunities within the humanities by hosting outstanding external scholars for a semester- or year-long residency at Rice University. By engaging in new research, symposia, and works-in-progress discussions, the fellows play an active scholarly role within the Center. Fellows also teach one cross-disciplinary course.

Begun in 2002 and supported by an endowment from the Mellon Foundation, this one-year fellowship program is designed to encourage interdisciplinary teaching and research, facilitate new research communities at Rice, and prepare outstanding junior scholars for future faculty positions. The Mellon postdocs fully participate in the annual Rice Seminar program, which examines a new topic each year. 

The Humanities Research Center at Rice University will award one postdoctoral fellowship for a one-year appointment in spatial humanities. The fellow will consult and collaborate on spatial humanities projects underway at Rice, offering technical and intellectual expertise. In addition, the fellow will develop or continue his or her own research project in spatial humanities, give a presentation on this research to colleagues at Rice, and lead a workshop on spatial humanities methods at Rice. The fellow will also design and teach (or co-teach) one semester-long undergraduate course on spatial humanities and one semester-long graduate course on spatial or digital humanities.

In 2015-2016, the HRC will host one postdoctoral fellow to participate in a faculty working group on “Platforms of Knowledge,” help organize a campus-wide speakers series, and design and teach one semester-long introductory undergraduate course related to the Seminar topic. The fellow will receive a $50,000 salary, benefits eligibility, and an allowance for research and relocation.

The Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes, of which the HRC is a member, has partnered with the American Council of Learned Societies to place select categories of ACLS fellows in humanities centers. The HRC will host one fellow as they spend a portion of their fellowship term at Rice.

Every fall, up to 10 faculty members are selected by the Humanities Research Center to receive a one-semester teaching release during the following academic year. These fellowships are competitively awarded in order to facilitate the completion, development, or initiation of either individual or collaborative research projects. Rice Faculty Fellows meet regularly throughout the year to share their research activities through a works-in-progress presentation series. To date, the HRC has awarded nearly 100 of these fellowships.

Since 2007, the Humanities Research Center has awarded more than 100 undergraduate fellowships to outstanding students interested in working on interdisciplinary research projects grounded in the humanities. These fellowships are competitively awarded for students to gain broad research skills, develop relationships with prominent scholars in their fields, and supplement the disciplinary development that carries throughout traditional programs and majors. The accompanying $3000 stipend allows the students to reside in Houston and work intensively with faculty engaging in humanities research.