Medical Humanities Minor

The medical humanities minor provides coherence, structure, and credentials to the training that many Rice students already receive in this interdisciplinary field. The minor is structured with a required core course, electives from several departments, and capstone practica/internship courses. Students pursue this minor under the supervision of the core faculty members in English History, Art History, Religion, Philosophy, Anthropology, and the HRC.

A degree in medical humanities is of immediate practical benefit to Rice's pre-med students. The MCAT was recently revised to include more problem-solving, critical thinking, social scientific and humanistic assessment of candidates applying to medical school. Admissions committees have recognized that students with strong humanistic training are better equiped to deal with the complex human dimensions of medical practice in teh 21st century. A notation of a Medical Humanities minor on a transcript serves as a clear signal that students moving on to medical school will arrive with a holistic understanding of the human dimension of medical practice.

The minor is open, however, to students from across campus. Scholarly learning, critical reflection, and debate about medicine never have been and should not be restricted to doctors or aspiring doctors alone. Questions of what constitutes health, why we value it, and who benefits when these values are put into practice, are open matters of concern for everyone. The medical humanities minor therefore brings Rice students into the Houston community (especially with our capstone courses), and creates stronger ties with the TMC campus (with programming such as our multi-institutional master class taught with area medical school faculty and TMC practitioners).

To learn more about our current course offerings, our medical humanities faculty, and the minor requirements, please use these links or the options on the "Medical Humanities Minor" drop-down menu above.

The minor was approved by the faculty senate in May 2016 and began conferring degrees in the 2016-17 academic year.

Medical Humanities Minor Steering Committee

Melissa Bailar

Marcia Brennan

Eugenia Georges

Moramay López-Alonso

Kirsten Ostherr (Comittee Chair)

Zoë Wool