Faculty Teaching-Release Fellowships

Every fall, up to 10 faculty members are selected by the Humanities Research Center to receive a one-semester teaching release during the following academic year. These fellowships are competitively awarded in order to facilitate the completion, development, or initiation of either individual or collaborative research projects. Faculty Teaching-Release Fellows meet regularly throughout the year to share their research activities through a "work-in-progress" presentation series. To date, the HRC has awarded over 120 of these fellowships.


Tenured or tenure-track faculty members in the Rice University Schools of Humanities, Social Sciences, Architecture, and Music are eligible to apply, provided they have not accepted a Rice Faculty Teaching-Release Fellowship in the last three academic years (i.e., 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18). Preference will be given to applicants who have also sought external grants or fellowships. Please note that departments will not receive compensation to cover lost courses.

Proposals are evaluated by the HRC Faculty Advisory Panel based on the following criteria:

  • The intellectual significance of the project within its specific discipline, as well as its potential impact on humanistic practice, broadly construed

  • The appropriateness of methods and the exigency of the research questions raised in the project

  • The prospects for publication or other outcome, and the quality and usefulness of the intended outcome(s)

Application Materials:

  • Proposal:

    • Project Title

    • Project abstract of no more than 200 words

    • 1000-word project description. In language suited to a multi-disciplinary Advisory Panel, the description should:

      • Explain the nature and significance of the project, including its impact on larger scholarly communities

      • Include a brief history of prior research or planning, past support, and future plans for the research project

      • Describe the scope and resource materials of the research project, the main issues to be addressed, and the relationship of the research to other published and ongoing work in the field

      • Detail any external grant or fellowship to which the applicant has applied and its status

    • CV (10 pages maximum)

[Please compile the above items into a single pdf document and upload below]


  • Two letters of reference from scholars outside the university should be emailed directly to acc14@rice.edu by the deadline.

  • Endorsement from applicant’s Department Chair or School Dean should be emailed directly to acc14@rice.edu by the deadline

Contact: Adriana Chiaramonti (acc14@rice.edu)


Friday, October 13, 2017