2018-19 Rice Seminar | Graduate Fellowships

The Rice Seminars are designed to promote humanistic research, broadly understood. They bring together a select group of Rice faculty members, visiting scholars, and Rice graduate students to study a common theme from several disciplinary perspectives. Funding is also available to bring in outside speakers to present public talks, provide feedback, meet with the seminar participants, participate in a year-end conference, and otherwise engage with seminar participants and the broader Rice community. The most visible goal of the seminars is a scholarly publication to which all participants will contribute. Equally important but less visible is the creation of international and interdisciplinary scholarly communities that will outlive the seminars themselves. The topic of the Rice Seminars changes each year.

For a description of the 2018-19 Rice Seminar, Waste: Histories and Futures, please click here.



Two graduate students will be appointed for the Seminar. Applications are welcome from Rice doctoral students from any discipline. Selected Graduate Student Fellows will be expected to attend all talks and workshop sessions of the seminar, present their work at the year-end conference or in a work-in-progress series, and assist seminar faculty leaders with projects and events. Each fellow will receive a $5,000 stipend distributed over the course of the year.

Application Materials:

  • One-page statement of interest in the seminar topic

  • Research project description of no more than 200 words

  • Two page CV

  • Brief letter/email of endorsement from applicant’s advisor sent directly to Adriana Chiaramonti (acc14@rice.edu)

[Please compile the above items, except the advisor’s endorsement, into a single pdf document and upload below]

Contact: Adriana Chiaramonti (acc14@rice.edu)


Friday, March 2, 2018