Public Humanities Initiative (Medical Humanities/Cultural Heritage) | Research Project Development

The HRC’s Public Humanities Initiative invites faculty to submit proposals for Research Project Development Funding in the areas of Medical Humanities or Cultural Heritage. Faculty may request up to $15,000 for research projects, creative works, research travel, consultant fees, student assistants, materials and equipment, as well as support for other endeavors that require financial resources beyond the scope of individual faculty research accounts. Preference will given to proposals that further the mission of the Public Humanities Initiative by sparking collaborations with local publics, cultivating new scholarly paradigms, and forging lasting curricular innovation.

Eligibility: Rice faculty in the humanities, broadly construed, are eligible to apply.

Application Materials:

  • Research Project Title

  • Research Project abstract of no more than 200 words

  • Research Project description of no more than 1,000 words

  • Research Project budget and budget narrative that indicate:

    • anticipated use of the requested funds

    • ​all funds sought or secured from other sources

  • Name and contact information of collaborating institution(s) or individual(s)

  • Research Project Timeline

[Please compile these items into a single pdf document and upload below]

Contact: John Mulligan (

Friday, October 13, 2017
Friday, February 23, 2018