Resilient Networks for Inclusive Digital Humanities | Grad Research Assistants

The "Resilient Networks for Inclusive Digital Humanities" initiative invites applications from undergraduate and graduate students for research assistantships on digital humanities projects at any of four participating institutions for the Jan 2017-Dec 2017 cycle. Application deadline is Monday, April 24, 2017. Only students enrolled at Davidson, GWU, PVAMU, and Rice are eligible; both undergraduate and graduate students may apply.

Although these positions are advertised and managed as jobs, they are also meant to be learning opportunities akin to the best of internships that allow students to acquire and practice skills in the context of a real-life digital humanities research project. Students will be both allowed and encouraged by project directors to learn any of the desired skills listed in the position descriptions from books, online tutorials, and workshops as part of their paid hourly work. Additional funds may also be available for such training.

As part of the terms of the "Resilient Networks for Inclusive Digital Humanities" initiative, each digital humanities project will hire two student Research Assistants, at least one of whom must be from a different participating institution. For instance, Davidson College in North Carolina might hire and pay one of its students to work on a digital humanities project based at Rice University in Texas. This means that every project will have at least one remote research assistant (unless the student chooses to move at her/his own expense to the location of the project). Students may indicate which project(s) they would most like to work with when completing the application, but applicants are considered for all projects and might receive an offer (which they can choose to turn down) from any project. The same application is used for all positions. Note that because work may take place remotely, all students will be expected to report their hours and regularly communicate with the project team online in ways to be specified later. See the Projects page for project descriptions, desired skills, and dates of work. 

Rates of pay are $12/hour for undergraduate students and $15/hour for graduate students. Different projects have different timelines, but in general students will be asked to work anywhere from 5 to 20 hours every week for a certain period in 2017: summer only, summer and fall/winter, or fall/winter only. Again, see the Projects page for dates of work. 

Apply at, and please also email a résumé or curriculum vitae to Applicants will be notified of the decision by early May, 2017. 

Monday, April 24, 2017