Research Travel Funding for Graduate Students


Justine Bakker, Race in/and the Construct and Study of Western Esotericism (conference-Germany)

Sydney Boyd, The Paradox of Robert Ashley’s Opera Novel Quicksand (conference-Louisville, Kentucky)

Sydney Boyd, Operatic Adaptations and Experience in Twentieth-Century Literature: Cather, Cage, Beckett, and Branca (research-New York City)

Scott Colman, Comprehending Ludwig Hilberseimer (research-Chicago, IL)

John W. Ellis-Etchison, Strange Bedfellows: The Creaturely and the Monstrous in the Bodies of Richard III (conference-Atlanta, GA)

Esmat Elhalaby, The Arab Rediscovery of India (research- New York City, Lebanon & London)

Sophia Hsu, The Cartographic Imagination in Gissing’s The Nether World (conference-Phoenix, AZ)

Justin Kelley, Micro-phenomenology (conference-France)

Minji Lee, Pain as Punishment and Salvation: Childbirth Images in Hildegard’s Scivias (conference-Kalamazoo, MI)

Moramay López-Alonso, Recreating Living Standards in Nineteenth Century Oaxaca (research-Mexico)

Moramay López-Alonso, Urban Ejidos: The Agrarian Origins of Urban Development Problems in Post-revolutionary Mexico (research-Mexico)

Natasha Mao, Revealing and Concealing: Interactive Objects in Italian Renaissance Art, 1400-1600 (research-Italy)

Seth Morton, Modernist McLuhan: Retrospective Media Archaeology (conference-Pasadena, California)

Mallory Pladus, Insular Politics: Sovereignty and Self-Governance in Melville’s The Encantadas (conference-England)

Xuetai Qi, Debunking Comparative Desert (conference-Lincoln, NE)

Judith Roof, Tracing Presence (research-France)

Mark Schmanko, The Generative Interplay of Emic and Etic Modes in the Modus Vivendi of Tantric Scholars (conference-San Antonio, TX)

Kyle G. Sweeney, A Late Medieval Fireplace at The Cloisters Museum/The Metropolitan Museum of Art (research-New York City)

Clinton E. Wilson, Belts, Loops,and Buckles: Rethinking the Spaces and Scales of Environmental Racism (conference-Michigan)

Carolyn Van Wingerden, “The Turbaned Heads, Each Wrapped in Twisted Folds of the Whitest Silk”: Images of Muslims in Northern European Art, 1400-1700 (conference-New York City)

S. Wright Kennedy, New Orleans Mortality Project (Palo Alto, CA)



Alanna Beroiza, Out of Sight: Genders, Bodies, and Sexes at the Intersection of Media and Biotechnologies (research-Indiana)

Hannah Biggs, The Farm as Play: Revelry and Reverence in Cold Comfort Farm and Between the Acts (conference and research-England)

William R. Black, No Northern or Southern Religion: Cumberland Presbyterians and the Christian Nation, 1800–1906 (research-Philadelphia, PA)

Sydney Boyd, Narrative Durations: Time at the Intersection of Music and Twentieth-Century Literature (research-New York City)

Lindsey N. Chappell, Temporal Forms in the Nineteenth-Century British Mediterranean (research-Italy)

Simon Cox, Discursive Boundaries of the Body: On the Socio-linguistic Conditioning of Spatial Experience in Tibetan Buddhist Context (research-India)

John W. Ellis-Etchison, A Sovereign Menagerie: Political Theology and the Animal Turn in Early Modern Drama (conference-Belgium)

Nathaniel George, A Third World War: Revolution, Counterrevolution, and Empire in Lebanon, 1967–1990 (research-Washington, D.C. & Atlanta, GA)

Justin Kelley, Tibetan Language Training (supplemental courses)

Alexander L. McAdams, Latin Language Immersion to Enable History of Science Archival Work (research-New York)

Keith D. McCall, Bridging the International and the Local in the Era of Emancipation: Liberia as a Symbol for Black Citizenship Struggles in Savannah, GA (conference-Raleigh, NC)

Nikki Moore, Agritectures of the Green Revolution: Architecture, Art and the Agrilogistics of Transnational Aid from the United states to the Caribbean Region, 1930-1978 (research-Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba)

Victor Nardo, Duncan Greelees & Early Christian Literature (research-Chicago, IL)

Rachael L. Pasierowska, Beasts, Birds and Bondsmen: Animal and Slave Interactions in Atlantic World Slavery (research-Brazil)

Carissa Phillips-Garrett, Aristotle on Sungnōmē, Equity, and Blame (conference-Greece)

Erika R. Rendón-Ramos, Across the Border & Back Again: The Cultural Effects of Migration on Two Twin-Cities, 1950-2000 (research-Mexico)

Cara Rogers, Jefferson’s Sons: Notes on the State of Virginia and Antislavery Thought, 1760– 1832 (research-Washington, D.C.)

Victor Saenz, Spirited Affectivity: Aristotle’s Thumos as Dunamis and Pathos (conference-Greece)

Charles Schmidt, Comparing Christianities Mapping Project (workshop-Chicago, IL)

Peter Zuk, Pleasure, Desire-Satisfaction, and Monism About Well-Being (conference-Boulder, CO)