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February 26-27, 2013
Kyle Morrow Room, Fondren Library (unless otherwise noted)

“The Past and Present of Race and Place in Houston, Texas” brings new work on the history of race in Houston into conversation with current investigations of the city’s racial landscape in order to probe the ways that historical and contemporary scholarship inform one another, and, in places, to highlight how such work offers solutions to current problems rooted in the ways race works, and has worked, in the city.
Contact: Alexander Byrd, associate professor of history and Emily Straus, postdoctoral fellow at the Kinder Institute for Urban Research

Panels and Discussants

Schedule is tentative and subject to change

Tuesday, February 26
Kyle Morrow Room


Panel 1: Jim Crow Houston | Chaired and comment by Ruth Lopez Turley (Rice Sociology)  

·      Karen Benjamin, St. Xavier University  “Segregation Built to Last: School Construction and the Formation of Segregated Housing Patterns in Interwar Houston”

·      Jermaine Thibodeaux, University of Texas  “The Houston Race Riot and and Black Masculinity in Jim Crow Texas”

·      Blaine Hamilton, Rice University  “Race and Pentecostalism in Early 20th Century Houston”



Panel 2: Migration | Chaired and comment by Abigail Rosas (Rice Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality)    

·      Joseph Locke, Rice University  “Race, Evangelical Politics, and Early Twentieth-Century Perceptions of Houston, TX”

·      Bernadette Pruit, Sam Houston State University  “Black Migration to Houston, 1900-1941”

·      Uzma Quraishi, Rice University  “South Asian Immigrants and Racial Strategizing in Houston”



Panel 3: Culture | Chaired and comment by Jose Aranda (Rice English and Hispanic Studies)   

·      Myeshia Barbers, Texas A&M  “Genre, Masculinity, and Place in Houston Hip Hop”

·      Chrystel Pit, Nichols College  “'The Latin Voice': Felix and Angelina Morales, KLVL Radio, and Race Relations in Houston, 1950s-1980s"


Panel 4: Labor | Chaired and comment by Monica Perales (University of Houston History)  

·      Mary Ellen Curtin, American University  “Fifth Ward in the making of Barbara Jordan”

·      Alexander Byrd, Rice University, and Madlene Hamilton, Stanford University  “The Intransigent Blackness of Houston’s African American High Schools”

·      Max Krochmal, Texas Christian University  “Black-Brown Coalitions in Houston: A Brief Overview”



Evening Plenary | Chaired by Alexander Byrd with Comment and Questions by the Audience
Baker Institute, International Conference Room

·      Stephen Klineberg, Rice Kinder Insittute  “The Changing Face of Houston”

Wednesday, February 27
Kyle Morrow Room


Panel 5: Across Race | Chaired and comment by Jenifer Bratter  (Rice Sociology) 

·      Brian D. Behnken, Iowa State University  “Brown and Blue in the Bayou City: Mexican Americans, Law Enforcement, and Community Activism in Houston” 

·      Emily E. Straus, Kinder Institute and the State University of New York-Fredonia   “The Black and White Business of School Reform in Houston: The Careers of Harriet Ball”    

·      Anne Chao, Rice University  “The Invisible Chinese Texans: Is Yellow Black or White?”



Panel 6: The Built Environment and Public Space | Chaired and comment by Sara Stevens (Rice Humanities Research Center)  

·      Katie Knowles, Rice University  “Third Ward, Emancipation Park, and the Future of Houston's Old African American Neighborhoods”

·      Frank A. Guridy, University of Texas  “‘What's My Name?’: Muhammad Ali's Fights in the Houston Astrodome, 1966-1971”

·      Kyle Shelton, University of Texas  “'Only You Can Prevent Another Freeway': The Harrisburg Freeway and the Struggle to Shape a Neighborhood”



Panel 7: Poverty | Chaired and comment by Rachel Kimbro (Rice Sociology)  

·      Edwin C. Breeden, Rice University  “Meeting Needs at Juan Marcos: The Huelga Schools and Mexican American Responses to School Desegregation, 1970-72”

·      Zachary Montz, University of Texas  “Public Housing, Development, and Houston Politics”

·      Wesley Phelps, Sam Houston State University  “Houston’s War on Poverty”