Class Meetings

FALL 2018

Aug. 20:    Introductions

Aug. 27:    Short writing assignment due

“My Atlas” by Vilém Flusser

LARB interviews on the digital in the humanities:

Sept. 3:      No class / Labor Day

Sept. 10:    Jean Baudrillard, The Spirit of Terrorism

                   Jacques Derrida and Bernard Stiegler, Echographies of Television

Sept. 17:    No Class / Melissa out of town

Sept. 24:    Els Woudstra’s essay

 Selections from David Parisi’s Archaeologies of Touch

Oct. 1:        Rex Troumbley’s talk, "Platform Totalitarianism: Edgelords, Shadow Bans, and the Alt-Right to Have Rights"

 Clare Birchall, Shareveillance: The Dangers of Openly Sharing and Covertly Collecting Data

 Adam Curtis’s Hypernormalization, final segment at 2 hours, "World Without Power":

Oct. 8:        No Class / Midterm Recess

Oct. 15:      Michael Miller’s presentation

                    Amy Hungferford, “On the Period Formerly Known as Contemporary”

                    James and Seshagiri, “Metamodernism: Narratives of Continuity and Revolution”

                    Theodore Martin, “Contemporary, Inc.”

Oct. 22:      Alan Liu’s "Transcendental Data: Toward a Cultural History and Aesthetics of the New Encoded Discourse" and “Friending the Past: The Sense of History
                      and Social Computing”

David  Golumbia’s “The Amazonization of Everything”

Mark McGurl’s “Everything and Less: Fiction in the Age of Amazon”

Oct. 29:     Geert Lovink, Social Media Abyss: Critical Internet Cultures and the Force of Negation

Nov. 5:       Alanna Beroiza’s talk on social media and gender theory

                     Laura Horak, “Trans on YouTube: Intimacy, Visibility, Temporality”

            Raun and Keegan, “Nothing to Hide: Selfies, Sex, and the Visibility Dilemma in Trans Male Online Cultures”

            Cavalcante, “’I Did It All Online’: Transgender Identity and the Management of Everyday Life”

            Dame, “Mapping the Territory: Archiving the Trans Website in an Age of Search”

            Chen and Olivares, “Transmedia”

YouTube: Dowling; Skylar Kergil

Websites: Zackary Drucker; Chase Joynt; Tobaron Waxman; Original Plumbing

Nov. 12:          Clinton Heider talk on machine hardware, operating systems, storage

                        Jan Overwijk’s paper

Nov. 19:          Nick Monaco on computation linguistics and machine learning

                        Frege, “Sense and Reference”

            Nyst and Monaco, “State-Sponsored Trolling: how Governments Are Deploying Disinformation as Part of Broader Digital Harrassment Campaigns

            Monaco, “Computational Propaganda in Taiwan: Where Digital Democracy Meets Automated Autocracy”

Nov. 26:          Waleed Rikab's presentation

                        Heidegger, “The Question Concerning Technology”

            Wentrup, Ström, and Nakamura, “Digital Oases and Digital Deserts in Sub-Saharan Africa”

Derek Thompson, “Google X and the Science of Radical Creativity” in The Atlantic Nov. 2017



Jan. 7:       Wittgenstein Philosophical Investigation 1-27 and 243-315

                        Hacker Insight and Illusion, “Private Interests and Public Speakers”

                        Explanation of “platform” or “critical platform studies”

Jan. 14:    Boris Groys, In the Flow

                        Claire Bishop, “Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics”

                        Bring in examples of digital art

Jan. 21:     NO CLASS, MLK

Jan. 24:     Alan Liu and James Smithies

                        5:30 PM Herring 100

                        -Alan Liu, “Friending the Past: The Sense of History in the Digital Age”

                        -Alan Liu, “Transcendental Data: Toward A Cultural History and Aesthetics of the New Encoded Discourse.”

                        -James Smithies, The Digital Humanities and the Digital Modern, chapter 1

Jan. 28:     Tung-Hui Hu, A Prehistory of the Cloud

Feb. 4:     Els selects readings on media archaeology

- Wolfgang Ernst, “From Media History to Zeitkritik

- Zielinski, Deep Time of the Media chapter 6, “Electrification, Tele-Writing, Seeing Close-Up”

- Andrew Hoskins, “The Restless Past: An Introduction to Digital Memory and Media”

Feb. 11:   John Mulligan on Big Data Interactivity

- Orit Halpern, “Perceptual Machines: Communication, Archiving, and Vision in Post-War American Design”

- Robert Pfaller, Interpassivity: The Aesthetics of Delegated Enjoyment, chapters 1 and 5

Feb. 18:   Judith Roof

  • Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (film)

  • Too Big to Fail (film)

Feb. 25:  Annie presentation

  • Harry Frankfurt, “On Bullshit”

  • Theresa Heyd, Email Hoaxes, chapters 1 and 7 and section summaries

Mar. 4:       Lucy Jeffery

-Embers - Beckett’s second radio play from 1959

- Nacht und Träume - Beckett’s television play from 1982

-Beckett’s 1937 letter to Axel Kaun (can be found in Disjecta ed. Ruby Cohn)


Mar. 18:       - Shoshana Zuboff, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, intro, part II, conclusion

Apr. 1:            Claire Birchall

                        -Clare Birchall, “Cultural Studies and the Secret” in New Cultural Studies: Adventures in Theory

                        -Review Clare Birchall, Shareveillance: The Dangers of Openly Sharing and Covertly Collecting Data

Apr. 8:            -Nan Z. Da, “The Computational Case Against Computational Literary Studies”

                        -Related commentary on Critical Inquiry website

Apr. 15:          Tarleton Gillespie, “Platforms are not Intermediaries”

                        Tarleton Gillespie, “Governance of and by Platforms”


FALL 2019

Sept. 4:       Introductions / Planning

Sept. 11:     Workshop and Discussion of Clint Wilson's "CTRL+F"

Oct. 2:         Workshop and Discussion of Annie Lowe's "The Art of Artifice" and Bren Ram's "Alt-Right Adaptations"

Oct. 9:         Workshop and Discussion of Waleed Rikab's "Facebook Apocalypse" 

Oct. 30:       Workshop and Discussion of Clint Wilson's "Dragnetworks"

Nov. 6:         Workshop and Discussion of Bren Ram's "Alt-Right Adaptations" (revision)

Nov. 20:       Workshop and Discussion of Annie Lowe's "A Hermeneutics of Hoaxing" and Waleed Rikab's "Facebook Apocalypse" (revision)

Dec. 4:         Workshop and Discussion of Waleed Rikab's "Facebook Apocalypse" (revision)



Jan. 27:         Workshop and Discussion of Annie Lowe's unititled workshop chapter draft

Feb. 17:         Workshop and Discussion of Waleed Rikab's "Apocalypse and the Islamic State" and Clint Wilson's "Infrastructure: The Media Worlds of Segregation and Surveillance"

Feb. 19:         Lunch Meeting with Tom Lutz, Editor-in-Chief of the Los Angeles Review of Books

Mar. 2:          Workshop and Discussion of Annie Lowe's untitled workshop chapter draft and Bren Ram's untitled workshop draft

Mar. 23

Apr. 6

Apr. 20