2014-15 | About Time: A Mellon Seminar on the Meaning of the Passage of Time

Faculty leader: Matthias Henze, Isla Carroll & Percy E. Turner Professor of Biblical Studies, Professor of Religious Studies, and Director of the Program in Jewish Studies
Student participants: Michael Domeracki (Religion), Jason Ford (Religion), Roma Hernandez (Philosophy), Anne Parker (Religion), and Peter Zuk (Philosophy)

Few topics have captured the imagination of philosophers, theologians, authors and scientists alike in the same way as time has. And yet, for those who have taken up Augustine’s challenge to try and explain exactly what time is, the notion of time has proven frustratingly elusive and difficult to grasp. Not surprisingly, over the last two and a half millennia, thinkers have proposed radically different views about time. The primary focus of this seminar will be on the diverse attempts to give meaning to the passage of time, with an emphasis on late antiquity. These two-semester seminars promote research collaboration at the highest level between faculty and doctoral students. Starting with a core of well-developed research, the seminars invite students from across the humanities to become fellow researchers and collaborators. The seminars support innovative graduate level training and research in the humanities and social sciences.