Before and After Queer: Sexualities in Theory, History, and Performance

Faculty leaders: Joseph Campana, associate professor of English, and Judith Roof, William Shakespeare Chair in English (not pictured)
Student participants: Alanna Beroiza (English), John Ellis-Etchison (English), Benjamin Kozicki (English), Marcel LaFlamme (anthropology), Minji Lee (religious studies), Ian Lowrie (anthropology), and Seth Morton (English).

"Before and After Queer” attempts to rethink the methods, assumptions, and theories deployed to address issues of sexuality since the dominance of the category “queer.” This seminar will consider how histories, theories, and performance practices that exist before, after, and even alongside the historical moment of "queer" incite innovative ways of thinking about sexuality. Deploying these side-lined theories and questions about history, subjectivity, style, desire, and expression enable a new interrogation of sexuality and open up new venues for exploration. 

Frames of the Beautiful, the Criminal, and the Mad: The Art and the Science of Excess

Faculty leader: Deborah Harter, associate professor of French studies
Student participants: Sarah Seewoester Cain (linguistics), Linda Ceriello (religious studies), Nathaniel Vlachos (anthropology), and Rachel Schneider Vlachos (religious studies).

Reflecting on representations of the "excessive" in science and in art of the modern period - madness, genius, criminal, eccentric, beautiful, and pathological - this seminar welcomes students from all fields in the humanities and social sciences. We will consider the aesthetic with scientific, the ethical with the historical, and play havoc with all usual boundaries of disciplines, period, and genre.