Vision, Writing, and Mystery in the Life of Jigme Lingpa

Faculty leader: Anne Carolyn Klein, Professor of Religious Studies
Student Participants: Nicholas Boeving (religious studies), Sarah Graham (English), Michael Heyes (religious studies), Claire Villarreal (religious studies), Elizabeth Wallett (religious studies)

This seminar focuses on the Tibetan visionary poet, philosopher, and meditation master Jigme Lingpa (1729-1798). His life story is replete with meditative achievement, political tensions and literary production. His writings include ecstatic visionary poetry, scholarly commentary, meditative ritual and esoteric autobiography, and their influence continues to shape Tibetan encounters with modernity. Students will collaborate on a book on Jigme Lingpa’s life, writings, and cultural and historical context, and they will write individual scholarly articles for publication together or in appropriate journals of their choice. Download a complete description.

Promises and Agreements 

Faculty leader: Hanoch Sheinman, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Student participants: Israel Ahimbisibwe (religious studies), Sarai Conway (anthropology), Moti Gorin (philosophy), Stan Husi (philosophy), Elise McCarthy (anthropology), Laura Resendez (anthropogy), Dustin Tune (philosophy)

Promises and agreements have been enjoying a renaissance in philosophy for some time, but there is no doubt they can be fruitfully studied from other humanistic perspectives. The purpose of this seminar is to bring together students who are interested in writing individual and collaborative papers about promises or agreements from any valuable humanistic perspective, including philosophy, history, literature, art history, and religious studies. Download a complete description.