TMC Library and McGovern Historical Collections

TMC Library

The John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center (McGovern Center) in The TMC Library has notable historical collections on the foundations of the medical specialties, Texas medicine, rheumatology and North American public health. The archival collections focus on the development of the institutions and hospitals in the TMC in Houston, the careers of Houston physicians and biographical information on Texas physicians.

1. Archival practices

Process and describe one of our many small collections. Students will work with a variety of materials, ranging across analog photographs, printed paper, and digital content.

2. Moloney journal transcription

1950s Hematologist studying the effects of the bomb in Hiroshima. Transcribe the handwritten Moloney journal into printed text. The journal is a 1950s account by a U.S. hematologist serving with the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission in Hiroshima, Japan to study the effects of radiation on the atomic-bomb survivors.

3. Latin medical translation

Our impressive rare book collection. Translate Latin text into English from a variety of selected materials from the McGovern Historical Center's Rare Book Room.

4. "Crowdsourcing" translations online

Help establish a program for Japanese or early-modern European texts. Work with an archivist to develop a crowd-sourcing solution to translation and transcription of books from the early 1500s to late 1700s or Japanese to English texts.

5. Bilingual atomic bomb archive

Help develop Japanese-English online archive, for materials relating to bomb survivors. Work with Japanese archivists and historians, as well as the TMC Library archivists, to create an online, bilingual site for digital objects related to human studies of atomic bomb survivors.



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