DiverseWorks commissions, produces, and presents new and daring art in all its forms through innovative collaborations that honor each artist’s vision without constraint. The museum is looking for a student to work on grant writing projects and other aspects of museum administration.

1. Grant writing, development, and arts administration:

  • The student will work closely with the Executive Director & Chief Curator and Deputy Director on projects related to non-profit development and grant writing.
  • The student will assist DiverseWorks staff with administration and production of DiverseWorks’ overall programs and events throughout the semester. Student will learn the basics of general arts administration and learn how our staff plans and produces community and gallery events. In addition, the student will attend and assist the staff at our gallery events.
  • The student will participate in educational aspects of the Internship Program, such as the Intern Reading Group. Participation will allow the intern to learn more about DiverseWorks’, alternative art spaces, non-profit institutions and the history of, and establish or enhance their critical thinking skills concerning art and its practices.
  •  The student will work closely with the Intern Supervisor who will mentor them throughout the program. The Intern Supervisor will provide meaningful evaluations throughout the semester and will help the student learn professional protocol when working in an office/research space.


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