Archway Gallery

Archway Gallery is a partnership of Houston based professional artists who have taken cooperative responsibility of the business of selling art. The gallery is artist-owned and operated. Archway provides a space for the membership to exhibit and promote their work for sale. Each artist has individual artistic freedom over the quality and content of the work displayed. The artists are committed to promoting art and art education within the community. Archway Gallery has been open for 40 years and has a deep and rich history.

Arts Community and Arts Administration:

  • The student will work closely with the Director, Curator(s) and Treasurer on projects related to non-profit development (such as Empty Bowls), researching grant writing opportunities and the production of gallery events. The student will learn the logistics of fine arts administration, solo exhibitions, and community outreach.
  • The student will interview and transcribe dialogue to create a ethnography document of the network of overlapping personalities and talents represented by the membership partners. Because of the long history of Archway it is expected that the student’s archival project will be a beginning and future students will continue to contribute to the inquiry.


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