Partners and Projects

Medical Humanities

MD Anderson Oral History Project

The "Making Cancer History Voices" Oral History Project at MD Anderson documents the center's history through the voices of practitioners and health leaders. Personal interviews with the men and women of M. D. Anderson who dedicated their work to eliminating cancer provide unique insights into the birth of oncology as a medical discipline; the emergence and evolution of surgery, diagnostic radiology, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, and more.

Rice's Woodson Research Center (Medical Humanities)

The Woodson Research Center, housed in Rice's Fondren library, supports the institutional, research, and public service programs of the University. The Center collects, organizes, preserves and describes Rice University archives, rare books, and manuscripts. Woodson has several medical archives relating to Typhus and Houston medical history that it wants help cataloguing and making accessible online.

The Institute for Spirituality and Health

The ISH brings together scholars, healthcare professionals, religious leaders, and the public to learn how spirituality can impact health and healing. The Institute engages in education, research, and direct services. ISH is looking for help in researching and disseminating knowledge in areas of key interest in the intersection of spirituality and well-being.

TMC Library TMC Library and McGovern Historical Collections

The John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center (McGovern Center) in The TMC Library has notable historical collections on the foundations of the medical specialties, Texas medicine, rheumatology and North American public health. The archival collections focus on the development of the institutions and hospitals in the TMC in Houston, the careers of Houston physicians and biographical information on Texas physicians.