Medical Humanities

Psychiatric Treatment in Nineteenth-Century Texas

First Place in the 2018 calendar year Medical Humanities Best Essay Competition

“A patient, long before he becomes the subject of medical scrutiny, is, at first, simply a storyteller, a narrator of suffering—a traveler who has visited the kingdom of the ill. To relieve an illness, one must begin, then, by unburdening its story.” – Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee[1]

I. Introduction

Cierra Duckworth: The Role of the Faith Community After Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was a devastatingly intense hurricane which made landfall on August 24, 2017, destroying homes, families, and cities as it tore through southern Texas. The hurricane was the first major storm to make landfall after a 12-year streak, leaving over 40 inches of rain in its path. Thousands of civilians were forced out of their homes due to flooding, disastrous property damage, and fallen infrastructure; they were sent to local community centers and churches, which were operating as shelters during the time of the storm.