Medical Humanities Student Club

The Rice Medical Humanities Club is an undergraduate organization that focuses on medicine as an interdisciplinary field. All of our events explore a different connection between the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and medicine.

The Medical Humanities Club organizes various events and opportunities for students to get involved in the campus intellectual community. Medical professionals and faculty talk at regular "coffee chats" with students about topics related to the medical humanities; group outings to local institutions such as the TMC Library; and a yearly symposium that brings outside speakers from a variety of disciplines to campus.

The group is a great way for undergraduates to connect with the medical humanities in an intellectual social setting. For more information about the group, visit their site or Facebook group. To sign up, please contact the secretary, Emma Every at or the president, Miriam Shayeb at and request to be added to the MedHum student group listserv, where they send out reminders for events and club meetings.