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Jon Voss: A Fresh and Inspiring Outlook on DH

The most recent speaker for the Sawyer Seminar definitely deviated from his predecessors. Jon Voss, the Strategic Partnership Director of Historypin and Shift, delivered an engaging and interactive talk that bridged together the best aspects of a TED Talk and a lecture. Exceptionally knowledgeable and unapologetically real, Voss started his talk off by saying he was probably the lease educated person to be invited to speak in this series citing his BA in Religion.

Jaffe on DH, IT, EDU, and Others

The second speaker in the Sawyer Seminar series was Aaron Jaffe, Professor of English and Director of the Commonwealth Center on Humanities and Society at the University of Louisville (UL). His talk, “Being, Online and –Off: The Work of H in the Age of D*,” addressed the ways in which the humanities and technology interact as one—the digital humanities—in order to propagate or stifle research in the humanities. Although Dr.