Aaron Jaffe: D and H

            Aaron Jaffe's presentation was supposed to be held in Herring Hall, but it was clear that he was speaking from inside the belly of the beast. He came to Rice to discuss digital humanities and their place in the university. Jaffe sees the term "STEM" as a marketing ploy that has achieved a great deal of success in receiving funding and status within universities. "Digital Humanities" (or "DH") has acted as an analogous tactic for gaining resources from the other side of campus.

Aaron Jaffe: DH and PR

On October 22nd, the Sawyer Seminar welcomed Professor Aaron Jaffe to speak on the state of digital humanities. Aaron Jaffe is a Professor of English and the director of the Commonwealth Center on Humanities and Society at the University of Louisville. His talk, entitled "Being, Online and -Off: The Work of H in the Age of D," shared his experiences as an advocate for the importance of the humanistic disciplines and explored the ways in which the digital humanities serve - or fail to serve - the interests of humanistic research.

Ian Bogost's Presentation

            Hi, I'm Jake. I'm a senior studying English and I'd like to officially welcome to my blog for the Sawyer Seminar.  For a bit of background, this seminar is run by the Humanities Research Center with a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and it brings in speakers to discuss digital humanities, specifically the production and distribution of knowledge, in the digital age.