Scott Colman, Assistant Professor of Architecture. "Comprehending Ludwig Hilberseimer"

S. Wright Kennedy, Doctoral Candidate in History. "Disease, Race, and Poverty in New Orleans, 1877-1915: The Effects of Mortality Terrains on Socioeconomic Development"

Moramay Lopez-Alonzo, Associate Professor of History, Adjunct Associate Professor of Economics. "Recreating Living Standards in Nineteenth Century Oaxaca" and "Urban Ejidos: The Agrarian Origins of Urban Development Problems in Post- revolutionary Mexico"

Alida C. Metcalf, Professor of History. "Extending imagineRio: Next Steps"

Judith Roof, William Shakespeare Chair in English. "Tracing Presence"

Kathleen Ulrich, "Mapping Brazilian Sugarcane: Genome Sequences, Plantations, and Spaces In Between"