Humanities Research Center

The Humanities Research Center (HRC) is an internationally recognized hub that fosters innovative humanities and arts research at Rice University and builds collaborations with local, national and global partners. Established in 1987, the Center launched a process of transformation and renewal in fall 2021 led by the HRC’s Faculty Council, involving 5 faculty members across departments and ranks, the dean and associate deans, and two staff members. This process aims to raise the visibility and impact of humanities and artistic endeavor at Rice and to support innovative and interdisciplinary inquiry. Another goal is to strengthen the ties between the HRC and national humanities foundations and associations, including the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI), that are indispensable partners in addressing the challenges facing the humanities both within our institutions and in the broader public sphere.

We envision a timeline from fall 2021 through spring 2023 for this process of re-envisioning the HRC with the goal of building a research center that invigorates, supports, and connects humanities and arts endeavors across the disciplines. We aim to extend the reach of the HRC across all humanities departments and interdisciplinary programs and to colleagues pursuing humanistic endeavors in our partner schools at Rice.