Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows

The Humanities Research Center provides a home for postdoctoral fellows from across the School of Humanities.

On August 1, 2023, we welcomed the following new Humanities Research Center postdoctoral fellow for SlaveVoyages:

Alexandre Pelegrino (PhD, Vanderbilt University ’23), whose scholarship incorporates Afro-Indigenous people’s entanglements in colonial empires to offer new insight into the Atlantic World

We are pleased the following HRC postdoctoral fellows will continue their appointments in 2023-2024.

Carlos Kelly (PhD, Ohio State University ’22)
Humanities Research Center postdoctoral fellow in Latinx Arts, Literatures, Cultures or Religions

Michael Schwarz (PhD, Northwestern University ’22)
Humanities Research Center postdoctoral fellow in Law, Political Thought and the Humanities

The HRC provides work space and opportunities for interaction and sharing of scholarship for all of the postdoctoral fellows in the School of Humanities. Continuing fellows, funded by their host programs, centers or departments include:

Devin T. Mays (MFA, University of Chicago ’16)
Center for Engaged Research and Collaborative Learning Fellow in the Humanities and the Arts

Tesla Cariani (PhD, Emory University ’21)
Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality postdoctoral fellow

Newly arriving postdoctoral fellows in Fall 2023 include:

Ablie Jabang (PhD, Michigan State University ’23)
Department of History postdoctoral fellow in Modern African Environmental History

Mendel Kranz (PhD, University of Chicago ’23)
Samuel W. and Goldye Marian Spain Postdoctoral Fellow in Jewish Studies

Katherine Shwetz (PhD, University of Toronto ’21)
Medical Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow