A Virtual Symposium and Workshop Series
May 2021

After a year on Zoom, our bodies have become clear indicators of the disjointed embodiment of the pandemic condition. The lingering effects of COVID-19 blur the boundaries between our biology and psyche. Beyond a philosophical analysis of the mind-body problem, embodied minds and mindful bodies challenge us to find new ways of reading symptoms. What are our bodies telling us?

In a series of four public lectures and four workshops on four Fridays in May 2021, this virtual symposium and workshop series invites participants to examine the body and its symptoms in medicine, psychoanalysis, creative writing, art and activism, and beyond.

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All lectures are open to the public. Click here for more information and to pre-register.


7 May 2021

9am-11.30am CDT (GMT-5): Workshop “The Body in Psychoanalysis

5pm CDT (GMT-5): Jamieson Webster, “Conversion Disorder: The Desire for Change

14 May 2021

2pm CDT (GMT-5): Christopher Lane, “On the Entanglements of Bio and Psyche, Past and Present

3.30-6pm CDT (GMT-5): Workshop, “The Medicalized Body

21 May 2021

10-11am CDT (GMT-5): Venus Ginés, “Compartiendo el Cafe y Chocolate: Learning about Emotional Well-Being & Stress in the Latinx Community

11.30am-1pm CDT (GMT-5): Workshop, “The Body in Activism

28 May 2021

12pm CDT (GMT-5): Travis Chi Wing Lau, “On the Pain of Poetry

2-4.30pm CDT (GMT-5): Workshop, “The Body in Poetry,” with Katie Condon