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Sawyer Seminar Lecture: "Operations Policy for Google Maps - Why Rules Rule!" by Genevieve Schaad

Thursday, February 11, 2016

How does Google Maps take the complexities and messiness of the world and create an elegant, easy-to-use map? Policy. Ok, and brilliant engineers, algorithms, and money. But this Thursday with Genevieve Schaad, a program manager on Google Maps, we’ll focus on a lesser known side of Google’s mapping machine -- the large operations team that updates Google Maps according to a few meticulously stated rules. Rules that ensure the data is consistent, accurate, and ready to use.  Genevieve Shaad is the Associate Program Manager and Mapping Operations Specialist for Google Inc.

This talk is presented in conjunction with the Sawyer Seminar, "Platforms of Knowledge in a Wide Web of Worlds: Production, Participation, and Politics."